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Forget how many lengths you’ve done?

Want to know how many calories you’ve burnt?

How about the speed you swam?


SwimTag is the answer to all your questions!

SwimTag will be available free of charge to our Swim and Gym Members at Sportspace Berkhamsted, Sportspace Hemel Hempstead and Sportspace Tring.

SwimTag is a training aid that can tell you the number of lengths swam, strokes swam, split times, distance, calories and speed. It will also record your personal bests. 

Check out our latest SwimTag blog post here.

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How to use SwimTag:

1. Ask for a wristband ‘tag’ from reception when you swipe in for your swim

2. Wear the ‘tag’ during your swim

3. Return your ‘tag’ to reception & your swim data will be downloaded to your account (Please note if the 'tag' is lost or damaged there will unfortunately be a £60 charge which is what we have to pay for the 'tag' from the supplier).

4. Log into your SwimTag*or MyWellness** account & see how you have done

*Visit - select new user and follow the instructions online to create a new account.

**Once you have a SwimTag account you can link up to your MyWellness account.

Having problems with your SwimTag account? No problem the support team at SwimTag will be able to help you if you seem to be missing data or that it has recorded incorrect data. Just click the ‘Feedback’ button on the right hand side of your SwimTag webpage and then tell the team the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have lost my membership card and reception issued me with a new one. Now I cannot see the swim I logged today, what can I do?

A: You will need to log into your SwimTag account and change the card ID number to the new number in order to log the swim. then use this Membership card from now on.

Helpful hints:

  • Input your correct height and weight into your account and you will get more accurate stats on calories burned – don’t worry no one else will see this information.
  • You cannot set up a SwimTag account until you have done a swim and your data can be matched up with you.
  • You will need your barcode number from your Membership card as the ID when first setting up your account.
  • To make your log in experience quicker and easier you can use your Facebook account to login – this way you can post to your newsfeed your impressive swims and find Swim Mates from your Facebook address book.
  • Adding Swim Mates is a great way to make your swim more sociable as you can message your friends, invite them to participate in a challenge with you and ‘cheer’ them on for their swimming activity.
  • Challenges are great motivational tools as they encourage you to complete a virtual swim journey. There are options to swim Lake Windermere and the English Channel – to name but a few!
  • Take a look at the training plans on offer on SwimTag – these are available free of charge and can help coach you through your swimming activity.
  • You can edit your swim on your profile if you think it has recorded the wrong stroke or if you did a legs only length for example. Just click on the graph and it will take you to the Swim Editor where you can make changes.
  • SwimTag links up with your MyWellness account so if you use the gym you will be able to see all your physical activity in one account/app.


Testimonials from our customer trial group:

“Wow! Loving the SwimTag! What a clever bit of kit…it's really motivational, because now, next time, I want to do even better!” Jenny, April 2016

“I think it (SwimTag) is very good. The band is easy to wear and remove and doesn`t affect the swim at all. I have logged in to the SwimTag site and the information available…is very detailed but easy to understand. It is really useful to assess how I want to improve my swimming by analysing the information and also…I found lots of fantastic options including training plans that you can customize. This is a really nice tool to help improve my fitness levels.” Karen, April 2016


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