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Have a question about our Swim School programme? Check our list of frequently asked questions below. If you still haven't found the answer you're looking for, give our call team a call on 01442 507100. 


1. How do I go about booking my child onto lessons?

Please call our Customer Contact Centre on 01442 507100 or visit one of our reception desks. Our Customer Service team can then inform you of our availability for our swimming lessons. If there are no spaces available then we will put your child onto a waiting list.

2. How do I know what stage I should enquire about?

Visit http://www.sportspace.co.uk/swim/swim-school/a-guide-to-swim-stages for a description of what skills should be achieved in relation to each Stage. If your child is between 4 and 18 months old they will go into a First Splash swimming lesson and if they are between 18 months and 3 years old they will go into our Aquababes swimming lessons. Both these swimming lessons are attended by the child and a parent/guardian. Generally, if your child is a beginner and is 3/4 years old they will be a Starfish, if your child is 5 or above and a beginner they will be in Stage 1. 

3. My child is over 7 years old but is a beginner; I’m worried they will be out of place with the younger children. What can I do?

We run specialised swimming lessons for older children who want to learn to swim. Our specialised swimming lessons are tailored for either 7 years plus or 10 years plus age groups and work on Stages 1-4.

4. What can I do if the waiting lists are closed?

It is unlikely that our waiting lists will be closed, however due to the demand of our lessons, this does happen on the odd occasion. We will announce waiting list updates on the website at http://www.sportspace.co.uk/swim/swim-school/kids-swim-school. If your child is 4 years old or older you still have the option of booking straight onto our holiday Crash Courses.

5. What is a Crash Course?

These are week-long intensive swimming lessons run at our swim sites throughout the school holidays. They are great for new starters or for swimmers who have already been attending our Aquaspace swimming lessons. They help build water confidence, skills, strokes, techniques and stamina. Full details can be found on our website at www.sportspace.co.uk/swim/swim-crash-courses

6. How long will I be waiting once I’ve been put on a waiting list for a stage?

Depending on which Stage, at what site and for which days you have opted for, will determine the amount of time you will be waiting for. We constantly work through our waiting lists in order for us to accommodate as many swimmers as we can. Please bear with us, this is a lengthy process, our most popular stages are Starfish and Stage 1 so you are more than likely going to be waiting longer for those classes. 

How the waiting list works: Any child on the list that is swimming with us already that is moving up and wants to change day/time/teacher or centre will get priority. Once we have moved all the current swimmers required we can then start working our way through offering spaces out to our new waiting list customers. It is always advisable to give as many options for days, times and sites as possible.

7. Do you run classes for Adults of any ability?

We have a range of classes available for Adults to book onto. We run classes for adults who are complete new beginners, all the way through to competent adult swimmers, and/or those training for Triathlons. For a full list of adult classes that we run please visit our website at www.sportspace.co.uk/swim/swim-school/adults-swim-school.

8. Do you accommodate swimmers with additional needs?

Yes we do. Please contact the Aquaspace Team (Aquaspace@sportspace.co.uk) to discuss the individual’s requirements. We pride ourselves on tailoring our swimming lessons to suit the needs of our customers who may need extra assistance due to a disability or learning needs. We can offer 1 to 1 swimming lessons, or we have specialised group swimming lessons available.

9. At what age can my child start swimming lessons?

We take children from the age of 4 months old onto our Aquaspace lessons (they attend with an adult until they are 3 years old).

10. Which payment option do I need to pay?

Our All Year Round lessons have to be paid via Direct Debit. Our Term Time lessons are paid via 7 or 13 week instalments (dependent on the lessons). Please click here for prices.

11. How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

To cancel your Direct Debit our Aquaspace Team will need 1 month’s notice before the 1st of the month in which you want to cancel your membership. E.g. if notification is received in August your last DD payment will be the 1st of September and your membership will expire on 30th September. Cancellations are best received via an email to our Aquaspace team (Aquaspace@sportspace.co.uk), or alternatively you can write to the following address:

The Aquaspace Team

Sportspace Hemel Hempstead

Park Road

Hemel Hempstead

Herts, HP1 1JS

12. How can I track a swimmer’s progress?

Once you or your child is enrolled onto a swimming lesson you will be able to sign up for a SwimTrack account. To do this, you will need to visit the ‘SwimTrack login’ section on our website’s homepage (www.sportspace.co.uk).  You will need the Membership card number (the barcode number, not the Membership number), the Date of Birth and postcode for the swimmer. This is only used during the set-up process, from then on you will use the email address and password that you provide.

SwimTrack shows you how the swimmer is doing on their competencies.

13. How can I change the day/ time/ teacher of my child’s swimming?

To change your child’s swimming lesson please phone our Customer Contact Centre on 01442 507100 so they can talk you through availability. If there isn't any space for your child in the desired class, they can be put on a waiting list to change to that class when a space becomes available.

14. Does my child get free swimming outside of their lessons?

In conjunction with your child’s swimming lessons, your child will be entitled to a certain amount of free swims depending on their payment plan. If you pay via Direct Debit, your child will have unlimited free swimming at any time during our casual swimming hours at any swim site. If you pay via 7/13 week instalments your child will be entitled to 7/13 free swims during your pre-paid block of swimming lessons, once this runs out they will be charged for subsequent casual swimming sessions.

15. What do I do if my child is ready to move up?

Once your child is ready to move up you will be notified by their teacher, you will also then get an automated email (please supply us with an email address) which will tell you what to do from there. If you are on SwimTrack you will be able to move your child up a class by logging on to your SwimTrack account (if you aren’t on SwimTrack you can register through our website). Similarly if you call our Customer Contact Centre on 01442 507100 they can assist you in your child’s move up.

16. How do I collect my child’s badge?

If your child is in a Starfish, Crabs or Seahorse class you will be given a badge slip which you will need to hand into reception to collect your child’s badge. Alternatively, if your child is in our Stages and is ready to move up, you will receive an automated email which you can take into our reception to collect your child’s badge.  

17. How old does my child need to be before joining the Synchronised Swimming or Diving classes?

Your child will need to be 5 years or above and will need to be able to swim 25m competently. They must also be confident in deep water.

18. My child has broken their leg- what can I do about their swimming lessons?

For any medical reasons that require you or your child to be absent from swimming lessons, please contact our Aquaspace Team on Aquaspace@sportspace.co.uk, they will then ask you for evidence of medical notes/records and to contact them again once your child is ready to recommence their swimming lessons. Our Aquaspace Team will then organise a credit for your missed lessons.

19. How will I know if my child is a competent swimmer?

This will be different for each child; however the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) would say that someone is considered a competent swimmer upon completing our Stage 7 swimming lessons.

20. Do you run any Synchronised Swimming classes for adults?

We run an ‘Adult Splash’ class on a Tuesday evening 9-9.45pm at Sportspace Hemel Hempstead. This class is taught as a mixture of swimming, synchronised swimming and diving skills.  





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