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Hemel Triathlon 2017

I’ve never done a triathlon before – will I be able to do it?!

Most short sprint events are achievable and are not as far as most people think, but a good level of general fitness is

required (we recommend visiting your GP before starting a new training plan). We would recommend that you follow a

training plan to keep you on track and help you achieve your goal. Make sure you’ve left yourself enough time to train!

We have a number of training options open to members and non-members. There are also some great resources on the

Triathlon England website 

At the end of the day, if you’re tired, take a breather, try walking rather than running. The most important aspect is that you

ENJOY taking part in the event.


I have a medical condition – can I still take part?

We would recommend checking with your GP before entering.


How far is it?

It is a ‘sprint’ triathlon. It’s a 400m (that’s 16 lengths) swim in our outdoor pool, an 8km or 16km cycle (you decide!) and a 5km run.


I only have a mountain bike / bike with a basket – does that matter?

As long as your bike is roadworthy (check the brakes, tyres and tyre pressures as a minimum), it doesn’t matter what type of bike you use. You will need an EN 1078 approved (or equivalent) cycle helmet.


What should I wear?

Swim – swimsuit / swim shorts (or trisuit if you prefer), a good pair of goggles and have a towel at the transition area so you can quickly dry off before the cycle.

Cycle – t-shirt and cycle shorts / running trousers plus trainers.

Run – as above but remember to bring trainers if you have clip-in pedals.


What is a transition and how does it work?

The transition area is where you ‘rack’ your bike and store any changes of clothing / footwear / helmet / drinks you may need for the race. T1 is the transition from swim to bike and T2 is the transition from bike to run. These both take place in the transition area. Make a mental note of where you have ‘racked’ your bike, along with the ‘bike in’ and ‘bike out’ areas. There will be a dismount area where you need to walk with your bike.

For security reasons, please be aware that you will not be able to enter transition without showing your race numbers and having your bike sticker on your bike. Place any race equipment (eg bike, cycle / run shoes etc) in your ‘bay’ in transition, taking care not to hinder other competitors. No bags or kit boxes can be left in the transition area. Please use a towel and place your kit on this.

Only competitors may enter the transition area for security reasons. Please find your race number marked on the relevant bay, and rack your bike and place equipment at this spot. Please be mindful of other competitors who are already competing. It is recommended that you walk through and familiarise yourself with the routes to / from your bay and from / to the entrances and exits of transition prior to starting the race. Remember to leave your bike in a low enough gear, ready for the cycle section. Reminder: there is no cycling in transition – mount / dismount your bike at the mount / dismount point.


I’ve seen on the entry form that I need to state my estimated swim time, why is this?

This is so we can filter you into your correct start time.


I don’t know what my swim time will be. How can I put something down?

We would recommend you come to one of the pools at Sportspace Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted or Tring and time yourself. You could even train using one of our SwimTag devices which will give you a detailed breakdown of your swim. If you improve your time after training, you can email triathlon@sportspace.co.uk at least one week before the event and you will potentially be allocated a new swim time slot. Please note changes can only be made up to one week before the event.


How should I train?

We have a number of training options open to members and non-members. There are also some great resources on the Triathlon England website


What is Swimfit?

Swimfit is lane-line swimming – there won’t be any children splashing or jumping around you so it’s an ideal training environment. What’s even better, is that for some sessions we have a swim coach on the poolside who can give you technique and training advice.

There are also ‘gym-style’ Swimfit programmes located on the walls next to the pools at Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted. Just choose the programme you like the look of and start following it.


Can I swim any stroke?

You can do front crawl, breaststroke or butterfly but you can't do backstroke. Most people will probably do front crawl.


I’m worried I’m going to get lost on the cycle / run.

There will be marshals and signs pointing you in the right direction along the route. We also recommend that you study the maps on the swim / cycle / run pages and also try out the route beforehand.


My mum / dad / nan / brother / sister / husband / wife / auntie / sister-in-law want to watch – where should they stand?

They can watch at any point along the route, we just ask that they be mindful of competitors at all time, and obey any instructions given by marshals (this is for safety reasons). Please also be mindful of the general public. Unfortunately spectators will not be allowed in the marked ‘competitor-only’ areas.


What happens at the end of the race?

When you hand in your timing chip, head to the NiceTri gazebo and you will be able to access your official splits and finishing time. The overall winners will be announced and prizes given at around 11.30am.You should now celebrate – you’ve just completed Hemel Hempstead’s award-winning triathlon!


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The Sportspace Kings Langley team operates various classes and courses for all ages in local venues. Please note that these classes are not included in the Gymspace Direct Debit Membership.


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